Roya Ebtehaj

October Scintilla Art Box Project Featured Artist

Website: Instagram: @royaebtehaj

Q: Tell us a little about your work featured in the Scintilla Art Box Project:

A: "This piece is titled Blur Girl. This sculpture was my way to pay homage to all women in Iran that are fighting for their basic rights and freedom. Sahar, known as Blur girl, died in September 2019 after she set herself on fire in front of the Iranian Islamic court. She was accused of an illegal attempt to enter the football stadium where no woman is allowed."

Q: Tell us about your studio and how you utilize it. What times do you prefer to work? How do you foster a creative practice? Do you have any unique studio habits?

A: "I mainly work across digital media arts. a great deal of my artistic development happens on my laptop. I usually start the digital fabrication first and later I step into studio work for the final stage of the installation. I spend two third of my time in my office and one third in the studio."

Q: How do your approaches in material and media relate to deeper concerns regarding content and concept?

A: "One of the main reasons that I am drawn to digital media is because I can make my art more accessible and intimate compared to traditional forms of art. For example, I love web based art because the viewer can experience or interact with the artwork in real time. I often make art about my memories, and empathy is a key component in my art practice. VR as an example, helps me create a virtual space where I can connect viewers to my intimate experiences, or feelings, in a novel and engaging way. VR helps the viewer to fully immerse in that particular moment and experience what I have been through."


Q: What excites you about the current state of the art world? Any specific shows, curators, critics, institutions, trends, themes, or changes?

A: "I think art these days more than any other time shifts toward raising awareness about socio-political issues. Art lets its viewer stop and think for a moment about what is happening in the world. It calls for changes to the world that allow for greater coexistence. This is an amazing opportunity for artists to express their thoughts regardless of their language, race, and gender."