Farima Fooladi

October Scintilla Art Box Project Featured Artist

Website: Instagram: @farimafooladi

Q: Tell us a little about your work featured in the Scintilla Art Box Project:

A: "The painting featured in the Scintilla Art Box Project is from my Glorious Invasion series from 2014/2015. It is a study from an experimental technique class with professor Helen O’Leary at the Penn State university. In the Glorious Invasion series, I was exploring the aftermath of the Mongol invasion of Iran, which is a topic that has been covered extensively in Iranian literature but has not been significantly addressed through the visual arts. Roosters were acting as my main characters in my paintings to explore the history of that traumatic event."

Q: How do your approaches in material and media relate to deeper concerns regarding content and concept?

A: "In my recent works I am becoming looser and more comfortable concerning using the materials, my conceptual focus is on the function of memory and also changes in our urban space caused by political and social changes. I use diverse materials on my canvas, sometimes a painting might looks like an unfinished one, you can trace the drawing lines fading in color planes. I believe in drawing is easier to follow the process of thought, I want to be able to follow my process of thought more consciously in my paintings."

Q: Tell us about your studio and how you utilize it. What times do you prefer to work? How do you foster a creative practice? Do you have any unique studio habits?

A: "My current studio is at the Box13 ArtSpace, an artist-run studio and gallery space in Houston. I live 45 minutes from my studio. I do my best to have at least 4 days of studio time in a week. On Mondays and Wednesday I get to studio around 8:30 and will stay till 2 pm when I have to drive back for 45 minutes to pick up our four years old daughter from pre-school. On Thursday and Fridays my husband picks up our daughter so I get to start my studio day later around noon and stay longer through 6 pm and go to lectures and opening afterwards. I keep the weekend free to spend it with family, we might go to openings together on Saturdays. Tuesday is my day off of driving, I’ll stay home and do my computer works."

Q: What excites you about the current state of the art world?

A: "Any specific shows, curators, critics, institutions, trends, themes, or changes? Global nature of the time we live in is the thing that excites me the most. The fact that artists from far away can share their ideas and empower each other is indeed amazing, I am fan of artist-run organizations."