Morgan Stromer

Curiosity is an innate human desire for knowledge and learning. My curiosity revolves around

the typically unknown. Cryptids, oddities, forgotten histories, all of these things have had my

attention ever since I was a child. Within this work I provide some of what I have found,

collected and experienced, to the viewer. With the opportunity to see the artifacts and then learn

about each of them in the “Compendium of Curiosity.”

Cabinets of curiosity nod to the origins of science, and how the organization and preservation of

artifacts have changed over time. Now back within the context of the curiosity cabinet and free

from the rules of modern organization, on display is my own curios collection. Within these

cabinets, within these artifacts magic exists, Cryptids thrive, and memories are held dear.

I have a great respect for the preservation of the natural world. My work showcases the bones

and bodies of animals, along with botanical and geological specimens. My captivation and study

of mythology, architecture, religion, and the supernatural has led to my integration of created

items, for example the Whöley and the Dybbuk box, into the cabinets to provide visual

references for some artifacts that have been lost to time. I therefore curate these cabinets of

curiosity to give each of these artifacts and specimens a home.