Dakota Boydston

I am presenting different digital environments inspired by Earth’s mostly uninhabited

landscapes. These environments explore the influence of humanity on mother nature. They

simulate a place that has become treacherous due to the impact of humans. These abandoned

landscapes I created immerse you in a hyperreal reality that has no origin in the known world,

and therefore allows the audience to contemplate what might be after humans.

Senior Thesis aka The Sequence- DakotaB.mov

I create a narrative that simulates a post-apocalyptic situation from the perspective of an

observer. I present it in the way we watch cinema because the panopticon of the simulation is

knowledge and that knowledge has power. The audience's inability to choose what is seen

creates a situation for the viewer to question if we have control, and whether we should continue

to simply stand by observing, rather than taking action to prevent negative outcomes. These

individual environments help us question our surroundings and reality.