Autumn Teff

Storytelling has been a way of communicating for centuries. Whether it is to tell

someone’s history, talk about ancient mythology, or make a new fantasy world, stories are a way

for people to experience a part of the world or experience that might not have been known to

them previously. In my work I create comics where the characters experience challenges that

range from modern problems the reader can relate to, like feeling like they are not enough or

external dialogue between two characters that originally trusted each other but now they don’t, to

discovering new pendants from their past and running into powerful villains they wish they never

met. Going through these problems creates the opportunity for them to grow and become wiser

from them.

My comic, “Pleiades Seven Stars”, I create a world that explores the what if in life and

shows that there may be more than meets the eye. My use of color emphasizes the uniqueness of

the world within the comic which is full of mystery and wonder. I go beyond simply the static

comic and use interactivity to allow my audience to be immersed within the world of my story.

People may not relate to having powers or being in a foreign world, however they will relate to

the characters quest through inner challenges. Interactivity gives the audience a front seat in

controlling how the story plays out. I create small animations, intense scenes full of action, and

both new and familiar characters, pulling everything together and aiming to excite old and new

readers. This will inspire them to be able to get through their own life challenges, just as the

characters in the comic do.